VINSIC External Power Bank 20000mAh


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VINSIC External Power Bank Description


Fighting over the plug socket or the USB cables will be a thing of the past with this VINSIC External Power Bank high-performance super stylish external power bank. With its elegant and modern design, this power bank will make the ultimate house accessory that is ideal for larger families or people who prefer to keep all their electronics together.

It features dual USB ports and can charge three items quickly and efficiently with its’ built in smart identification system. You can be sure any connected devices will have their maximum charging speed and its stylish and sturdy design is beautifully complemented with an LED touch screen that allows you to view the remaining power capacity of any connected devices.

About Portable Battery Chargers

When you own a portable battery charger you can be out and about with more power on your mobile and not have to worry about how to get to your next power supply.

An External Battery charger or a Power Bank, like this VINSIC External Power Bank,  is a small device that carries enough charge to charge your phone up a number of times. You use these chargers to charge any device that uses a USB charger, there may be some power banks that are device specific. Normally these are case style battery packs.

All battery packs on this site can be recharged over and over and are not just good for a single use. The size of these devices is measured in mAh, the same as your mobile phone. You can estimate how much battery life you will get by checking your phones mAh capacity. For example, if your phone has a 1500mAh capacity, a 3000mAh battery charger will boost your phone up to 2 times. The bigger the mAh capacity the battery charger has, the more times you can charge your phone.