TeckNet PowerEx 6000mAh External Battery


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TeckNet PowerEx External Battery Description

Android and Windows smartphone users rejoice because the TeckNet PowerEx External Battery is here to make sure you never run the risk of running out of power ever again! With its’ built in micro USB cable you can quickly charge your smartphone so you never have to worry about missing an important call.

It’s light weight and easy to use and is built out of strong high-quality materials so you can guarantee the TeckNet PowerEx external battery charger will last a good long time. It’s sure to make a useful addition to your handbag or rucksack and can quickly and efficiently charge a variety of Android and Windows devices from smartphones to tablets.

About Portable Battery Chargers

When you own a portable battery charger you can explore more with the extra power on your mobile phone and not be fretting about when you’ll need to get to a power supply.

A Portable Battery charger or a Power Bank, like this TeckNet PowerEx External Battery,  is a handheld device that carries enough battery to charge your mobile phone up multiple times. You use these chargers to recharge any device that has a USB charger, there are some chargers that are device specific. Normally these are case style battery packs.

All power banks on our site can be recharged over and over and are not just good for a single use. The size of these chargers is measured in mAh, just like your phone battery. You can work out the additional battery life you will get by researching your phones mAh capacity. For example, if your phone has a 1700mAh capacity, a 3000mAh battery pack will boost your mobile up to 2 times. The more mAh the battery charger has, the more times you can top up your phone.