TeckNet PowerCrest Portable Battery Pack 10000mAh


Features cutting-edge BLUETEK™ Technology which identifies and optimises USB power compatibility of devices from Apple, Samsung and many other devices to enable faster recharge rates up to 2.4A
10,000mAh advanced Li-Polymer battery technology charges iPhone 4-5 times, Galaxy S3 3 times or an iPad once.
Reliable lithium polymer core ensures quality, supplying you with more than 500 charge cycles during the course of its life.

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TeckNet PowerCrest Description

Long lasting and powerful the TeckNet PowerCrest 10000mAh portable battery pack as everything you could want from a portable charger! With a modern design and a strong high-quality build this portable battery pack is sure to make a stylish accessory and it can safely charge a variety of devices.

With the cutting-edge BLUETEK Technology included this battery pack will also be able to identify and optimises the power of devices from a huge range of names including: Apple, Samsung, Nokia and many more. So every device connected will get an optimised charge to ensure it gets maximum charge.

About Portable Battery Chargers

When you own a portable battery charger you can explore more with the extra power on your phone and not be fretting about how to get to your next power supply.

A Portable Battery charger or a Power Bank, like this TeckNet PowerCrest Portable Battery, is a compact device that holds extra charge to charge your phone up multiple times. You can use these chargers to boost any device that has a USB charger, there are some power banks that are device specific. Normally these are case style battery packs.

All battery chargers on this site can be recharged multiple times and are not single use. The capacity of these chargers is measured in mAh, the same as your phone battery. You can work out the additional battery life you will get by researching your phones mAh capacity. For example, if your phone has a 1500mAh capacity, a 3000mAh power bank will boost your phone around 2 times. The more mAh the battery charger has, the more times you will be able to charge your phone.