Parkman E2 Portable Charger Case 2200mAh


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Parkman E2 Portable Charger Case Description


With its space aged white design the Parkman E2 Portable Charger Case is high-quality power bank and battery charger has some amazing features including: a 4 LED lighting display, a huge range of safety features and wireless connection. That’s right there’s no pesky USB cables needed with this modern device and its smart software will even optimise the charging level for your smartphone. So you’ll always get a safe charge wherever you are.

About Portable Battery Chargers

When you own a portable battery charger you can be out and about with more power for your mobile and not be fretting about how to get to your next power supply.

An External Battery charger or a Power Bank, like this Parkman E2 Portable Charger Case, is a compact device that holds enough charge to top your mobile up on the go. You can use these chargers to boost any device that has a USB charger, there are some power banks that are device specific. Normally these are case style battery packs.

All battery chargers on our site can be recharged over and over and are not single use. The capacity of these devices is measured in mAh or milliampere hours, the same as your phone battery. You can estimate the additional battery life you will gain by checking your phones mAh capacity. For example, if your phone has a 1700mAh capacity, a 2500mAh power bank will charge your mobile around 2 times. The bigger the mAh capacity the battery charger has, the more times you will be able to top up your phone.