Coolreall Power Bank 15600mAh Portable Battery Charger


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Coolreall Power Bank Description


Featuring dual USB output, a sophisticated and modern design, a strong and sturdy body and even a built-in flashlight the Coolreall Power Bank and battery charger is certainly a versatile device with plenty to offer.

Whether you’re a daily commuter or simply want to ensure you’re never without your smartphone or tablet this high-quality Coolreall Power Bank is the ultimate must have accessory. And with its ultra-high capacity, it can provide a safe and long lasting charge to a multitude of different devices and the sophisticated security protection will ensure both you and your connected devices are safe.

About Portable Battery Chargers

When you own a portable battery charger you can be out and about with more power for your phone and not be fretting about where your next charge point is.

A Power Bank or Portable Battery charger, like this Coolreall Power Bank,  is a convenient device that holds extra battery power to top your mobile up a number of times. You use these chargers to boost any device that uses a USB charger, there are some chargers that are device specific. Normally these are case style battery packs.

All power banks on this site can be recharged over and over and are not single use. The size of these chargers is measured in mAh, this is the same as your mobile phone. You can work out the additional battery life you will gain by researching your phones mAh capacity. For example, if your phone has a 1500mAh capacity, a 3000mAh power bank will charge your mobile around 2 times. The more mAh the battery charger has, the more times you will be able to top up your phone.