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6 PokemonGo Battery Saving Tips


Based on us playing PokemonGo a lot we’ve come up with 6 PokemonGo Battery Saving tips to help you keep playing for longer.

1. Enable Battery Saving Mode in the Game

PokemonGo actually has a battery saver mode. From my research, I have found that this does a few things to PokemonGo

  1. Firstly it reduces the refresh rate of searching for Pokemon. You probably won’t notice it so much though as it’s probably changing searching for Pokemon to every 1 second rather than every half a second or something like that.
  2. It turns your screen black when the phone is upside down. Meaning you save some battery life while the phone is in your pocket or while you’re walking around.

To activate it

  • Click on your Pokeball
  • Click the Settings cog in the top-right
  • Tick the Battery Saver option on

    PokemonGo Battery Saving
    PokemonGo Battery Saver

2. Don’t use AR mode

AR mode in PokemonGo allows you to see the Pokemon right in front of you using your camera and Augmented Reality. As you can imagine having your camera running a lot will easily deplete your battery life. AR mode will also use your phones Gyroscope to detect the orientation of your device.

You’ve probably already seen the option from playing the game, when you are in the process of capturing a Pokemon, the switch lives in the top right. This will then give you a computer generated scene to catch the Pokemon from. It’s also worth noting that you don’t need to be facing the Pokemon anymore to capture.

3. Lower Your Screen Brightness

Do you really need your screen brightness at 100%? Work out a good brightness where it is lower and you can see everything you need on screen. Most of the time I have mine on the lowest setting. Granted not everyone is in the UK where the sun rarely shines but even when the sun is out I can easily see my phone on about 40% brightness.

To reduce your Brightness on Android phones

  • Go to your Settings app
  • Click on Display
  • Then click on Brightness
  • Then slide the switch to the desired amount

Alternatively, depending on your android version, you can slide down from the top of the screen to see your notifications then slide down again to see your settings shortcuts. Here you will find a brightness slider.

To reduce your Brightness on iPhones

  • Go to your Settings app
  • Click on Display & Brightness
  • Then slide the switch to the desired amount

4. Close Down Background Apps

If you use things like Twitter, Facebook or any other apps on your phone. They will likely stay open even if they are not the app you are currently using. This is called multitasking and allows quick switching between apps. Having them open means that the data and content will always be up to date which has its benefits. Background apps use battery life and can be easily closed down though.

To close background apps on Android phones

  • Click the bottom right menu button (Either a square or 3 stacked lines depending on version)
  • Swipe through your currently opened apps
  • Then swipe left or right to close

To close background apps on iPhones

  • Double click your home button
  • Swipe through your currently opened apps
  • Then swipe up to close

5. Enable Battery Saving mode on your Phone

On Android phones, the battery saver mode gets enabled when you have around 15% left. Battery saver mode will limit things like vibration, animations on screen and  location services. It also stops apps like email, messaging or anything else that syncs in the background, until you open them. You can actually force battery saver to activate at any time, even at 100% battery.

To activate it on Android phones

  • Go to your Settings app
  • Click on Battery
  • Then click on More (or the 3 stacked dots)
  • Then click Battery Saver and slide the switch to on
Android Battery Saver screenshot

You should see the top and bottom of your screen go to orange when you do so.

On Apple’s iPhone, this feature is called Low Power Mode although this only seems to be available in iOS 9.

To activate it on iOS9 iPhonesGo to your Settings app

  • Go to your Settings app
  • Click on Battery
  • Slide the Low Power Mode switch to on
iPhone Low Power mode
iPhone Low Power mode

or… 6. Ignore all the tips and carry around a portable charger.

Carrying an additional battery pack around will keep you going even longer if you utilise the above 5 tips and these come in all sizes. The bigger the mAh the more battery life.

As a guide, iPhone battery capacity ranges from about 1400mAh to 1800mAh so if you pick up a battery pack that has 5000mAh you should expect to get a minimum of 2 charges from that. You could even continue to use the battery saving tips with a battery pack for those long days of Pokemon hunting.

Find your next battery pack at the below links.